Welcome to Character Driven Media where members enjoy the benefits of entertainment, event and craft services as well as informal live and virtual broadcasts.

We specialize in live streaming, broadcasting, audio and video production, professional photography and licensed drone coverage. We take care of each aspect of event planning, catering, craft services, equipment and decor, offering a number of consulting services and rental options.

Character Driven Media emerged out of Narnia Productions in 2003 when Joani moved from the darkroom, stage, to a completely digital medium which included filmmaking workshops for creative kids. Joani been offering a variety of photographic, theatre and media services in 1979 and over the years, changing with the times as technology and needs evolved. Joani’s interest in technology started with INet 2000 in 1988 when, as part of a pilot project, our business was chosen to connect via modem to a worldwide network as a way of communicating with other participants. Staff members were wowed by the technology that allowed remote transmission of files, including the business newsletter along with myriad features that streamlined administration and communication. This led to Narnia Productions launching one of the first websites where we offered virtual workshops and theatrical supplies to customers around the world as well as a comprehensive destination wedding service.

The transition from using Hasselblads and print-based media in the studio was complete after being awarded a grant to develop what was then a little known technology known as “streaming”. At the time, computers and connection speeds were extremely slow but, as with introducing Photoshop to fellow professional photographers in 1995, Joani could see the writing on the wall and embraced the possibilities rather than shunning the inevitable. It’s easiest to embrace the concept she was trying to convey by reading the proposal created for the grant administrators, including the use of an executable program presented to them on DVD, an emerging format, that could be viewed on a player attached to the television set in the conference room. A link to the PDF version of Joani’s presentation can be found here under her then professional working moniker, Joan Herron. Still operating under “Narnia Studios”, the move to Character Driven Media marked the beginning of the new digital era.

Joani’s lengthy experience in theatre, and specifically her workshops on lighting was passed along to her then husband, Tim who, through her work and inspiration, chose to pursue a career in the field. Many of her filmmaking workshop participants have gone on to successful careers as well, one of the most rewarding parts of developing the “Behind The Lens” workshop experience for participants of every age. “Behind the Lens” emerged out of the “Behind The Curtain” theatre workshops she began leading in 1996 and the inaugural “Behind The Lens Kids Film Festival” launched in the Fall of 2003.

Joani is an award winning professional photographer, writer, designer, audio engineer, producer and director who is also a certified Event Manager and licensed esthetician. She continues to offer professional photographic, sound, video, media and event services, including her signature destination weddings on beautiful Gabriola Island.

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